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More Aleksandr Kosteckij. Sources: 1, 2.

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Lost lake #cabin #seward #alaska

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Dillon Marsh explores manmade elements in organic landscapes with his photo series entitled “For What It’s Worth”

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2damnfeisty:"14-year-old Parkview High School Freshman, Caleb Christian was concerned about the number of incidents of police abuse in the news.  Still, he knew there were many good police officers in various communities, but had no way of figuring out which communities were highly rated and which were not.  

So, together with his two older sisters: Parkview High School senior Ima Christian, and Gwinnett School of Math, Science, and Technology sophomore, Asha Christian, they founded a mobile app development company– Pinetart Inc., under which they created a mobile app called Five-O.

Five-O, allows citizens to enter the details of every interaction with a police officer.  It also allows them to rate that officer in terms of courtesy and professionalism and provides the ability to enter a short description of what transpired.  These details are captured for every county in the United States. Citizen race and age information data is also captured.

Additionally, Five-O allows citizens to store the details of each encounter with law enforcement; this provides convenient access to critical information needed for legal action or commendation.”

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Black Excellence

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The knight and his steed: using its suction discs for a firm grip, a red-eyed tree frog (Agalychnis callidryas) clings to a hercules beetle (Dynastes hercules) | image by Nicolas Reusens

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A hop garden, Blue Mountain Brewery, Nelson County, Virginia. Photographed by @brooklynsupper. #hopgarden #bluemountain #virginia

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Ian Ingram. charcoal and pastel on paper